Meet the Coaches

Mission Statement: Building Confidence through Guided Effort

Whether you are a brand new vaulter looking to try out the sport, or a senior looking for that last PR to get accepted by your dream school, Elite Vaulting Academy's primary focus is to help you reach new heights. It's easy to get lost in the complexities of the vault, that is why we provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals. Our "takeoff focused" approach imbues confidence and safety to you, the vaulter. You will push yourself every day but you will never feel hopeless or at risk of injury. (Something far too common in the vaulting world) Equally important to believing in your coach, is believing in your own technique. You will work hard everyday mastering the basics so that when you face the inevitable challenges the vault presents, you will have nurtured the self-efficacy necessary to overcome those challenges. Confidence cultivated through hard work is our mission at Elite Vaulting Academy.

Kevin Stull

Founder of Elite Vaulting Academy. I am the head coach of the Yorba Linda High School Pole Vault team. I have a PR of 16' and have division one vaulting experience courtesy of Texas A&M University. I am Level 2 USATF Jumps coach certified and hold an associates in Kinesiology. I am ACE personal trainor certified and have coached for 4 years at the high school level and 1 year at the college level.

Greg Stull

Greg Stull has coached multiple CIF Finalists and two CIF Division 3 Champions including a California State Champion. He has coached a 17, 16, and 15 foot high school vaulters. He vaulted alongside Anthony Curran at UCLA and has a personal best of 17'5" and has competed in a professional pole vault circuit in Europe.

Jesse Gomez

Head track coach at Yorba Linda High School. Jesse Gomez has 20 years of coaching experience in track and football. He fully utilizes his USC undergraduate degree in Biology to improve the Yorba Linda High School athletes. His expertise as a sprint coach and his experience in the weight room gained from competing for the USC football team are invaluable contributions to the Elite Vaulting Academy program.

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