About Us

Pictured on the above is the Yorba Linda High School pole vault team along with Head Coach, Kevin Stull (Blue).

Who Is Elite Vaulting Academy?

Elite Vaulting Academy is a youth pole vault club in the heart of Yorba Linda, California. Elite Vaulting Academy was founded to enable year round training for the vaulters of Yorba Linda High School (YLHS). Head coach of the YLHS track team, Jesse Gomez, has graciously allowed Elite Vaulting Academy to expand its scope of training to include pole vaulters from local high schools all over Orange County. These schools include but are not limited to; Esperanza, Canyon, Valencia, and Orange Lutheran. Elite Vaulting Academy has trained middle school and college athletes but it is primarily geared towards the high school age group.

Why the 5 athlete limit during small group training?

The small group training option is what sets Elite Vaulting Academy apart. Elite Vaulting Academy prides itself on providing the highest possible quality of training to every athlete it takes in. The only way to maintain this standard of excellence is strictly limiting session sizes so that every athlete gets the resources and attention they need to reach new heights. With two pits at our disposal, there will never be any waiting between jumps. With only five athletes, technical errors will never go unnoticed, nor uncorrected. This will lead to faster improvement, with less wasted time, and tighter bonds between the athletes. The small groups training option is strongly recommended for athletes committed to long term improvement. If you are serious about pole vaulting, the small group training option is for you. For more information on the specifics of small group training, visit Training Options or send us a message using the Get in Touch button.